BDSM, Submission, The Dominant Submissive

Realizing the Strength in Submission

One common misconception in BDSM is that submission equates weakness and I am here to inform you that this is farthest from the truth! Well, at least when it applies to me…

Because of my submission, my mental strength has actually INCREASED! Even i didn’t think that was possible as i have always and will always be a strong person. my next goal is to increase that strength even more through the interactions of who i am dealing with. i believe that through my prior experiences, i’m mentally ready to utilize the mental strength to a point and direction i’ve never veered towards, i also ventured away from it. Now it’s finally time to incorporate some of the past methods and way i dealt with the strength i once possessed.

Challenge is what has always driven me and i’ve realized that i NEED an even bigger challenge presently. The challenges are more so within me as opposed to what type of activities that will entail in my pursuit of kinky happiness. i think i now want to become more of a masochist based on altering my mind to not only accept more pain but to accept it on a level where the satisfaction won’t come from the actual pain, it will come from the intensity of the action itself. Not to accept pain for pain’s sake, but for the sake of satisfying the blood lust of my tormentor or tormentors if i can work up to that.

If what i’ve gone through all these years has made me mentally stronger, than I am ready to take the next necessary steps to gain even more strength! my main concern is not finding someone strong enough to take me over that threshold, so, I will just have to gain it through whatever interactions I do have in a way that i can surpass whatever new goals i have. 

i truly welcome all challengers who may take me where i haven’t been in some time…