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Romanticizing Sadism

Romanticizing Sadism

Pain can be therapeutic. Intensity makes the adrenaline flow. Having a beautiful Woman be the cause of it is heaven!

As previously stated, I fantasize to the extreme and I feel, mentally, I’m ready to take further steps to actually live out a few of those scenarios that cross my mind. But, then again, maybe not. The thought of actually experiencing some of the things that cross my mind still excites me. I’m not getting any younger so the opportunity to go through with some of these thoughts has to start taking place before I am unable to engage in whatever activities I envision.

Fear is what has always stopped me in the past, but after overcoming the fear of being in fear, I actually welcome it now. Sadism from a Beautiful Woman is a compelling thing. The thought of actually engaging in any extreme play is exciting in thought only. BUT, when it comes from a Woman who is divinely attractive and is great to look at, makes it very inviting…  Until the pain starts to flow.

Thoughts of seeing an attractive young Lady smiling as She grins at the pain She is inflicting upon me, knowing that I am in pain, but, wanting me to feel more for Her enjoyment.

But, this is the type of romance I seek…