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My Journey of Dominance


What started out as a mutual liking changed the mindset and life of a young man in terms of sexuality and preference. I was seeing a young lady and while in her dorm room, she whispered in my ear, ‘I wanna tie you up…’ and little did I know that those few words would change my life. As a ‘sane’ man, it is unheard of (At least at that point in time) that I would want to be tied up or do anything that is deemed perverted or weird. ‘That’s for sick people,’ is what I thought then, but, she was cute and she said it sooooooo seductively that, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t say no. So, after tying my hands over my head and attaching it to her headboard, she teased me, then, in an instant, she turned to an evil look and started pinching my nipples.  I got so hard that I was confused, yet, so turned on! I was actually mesmerized with being immobilized and at her mercy and although we didn’t have sex that night, at the time, it was the BEST night of my life and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. I think when I drove home, I was still hard and I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of being at the mercy of a woman.

This took place many years ago when Times Square (In New York City) was still full of porn shops and abandoned buildings along 42nd Street. So, after work the next day, I took a trip there to ‘research’ (Evidently, this was before computers were a staple in people’s homes and AOL wasn’t even popular yet). I looked specifically for videos/magazines that featured dominant women and found a few papers to take home to peruse my newfound interest. In a brown paper wrapping, I held on it tightly as I rode the train home, thinking everyone on the train knew what I had under my arm. Lol

After reading a few articles and looking at all the photos of mean, stern-looking women, I couldn’t help but fantasize about being in a world where women ruled and men were second class citizens. No, men were inferior objects who were around to be used and abused by any and all women! I would read the letters section and that’s where I discovered Houses of Domination/Dungeons. In some of the letters, Women spoke of the dungeons they worked at and the dynamic was the ultimate role reversal where women ruled the house and men were there for the purpose of either serving them or being abused by them. Then I found out about houseboys. The houseboy was the ‘slave’ of the house and was treated as the most inferior being at the dungeon and through this discovery, knowing I couldn’t afford sessions with the dominant women, I was intrigued and wanted to become a houseboy.

I decided to contact the dungeons that were advertising in the papers I picked up to see how I could become a houseboy. After being hung up on multiple times, I spoke to a Mistress who took an interest in what I offered, which, of course, was me! She had me write a story about domination to make sure I was genuine about it and I met her, in the street and she told me to call her the next day (Obviously, emails weren’t popular yet). When we met, she asked me to write another story and meet her the next day. She wanted to make sure it was me that actually wrote the story instead of me finding it somewhere and rewriting it. I did, she met me the next day, said she was impressed and said she’d allow me to serve at the dungeon she worked at. Of course, I was very fearful because I always thought (And fantasized) in the extreme, thinking that as a houseboy, I would be tortured with no mercy and just because that’s what they wanted to do. Luckily, it wasn’t like that, but, I did clean, organize, and followed directions well as she asked me to serve at her home (From which I understood was nearly IMPOSSIBLE for ANY slave/houseboy/client to actually communicate with any Mistress outside the dungeon). That was epic and I did, but, sadly, I never got to play with her and she was one of the busiest Mistresses in New York. She was actually moving to another country and another Domme friend of hers asked if she knew a submissive who could serve her at her place and she immediately recommended me.

To be continued…